SCIENCE FICTION - November 1, 2019

GENESIS CODE by Eliza Green

GENESIS Science Fiction Colonization Series

Book 1 of 6

 First an alien species emerged from the shadows.

Then his wife disappeared... 

Bill Taggart is done following rules. After losing his wife and his last shred of happiness on humanity’s new home, he focuses his attention on the hostile alien race living there. Sent to observe them before a population transfer from Earth, Bill hopes to find a clue to explain his wife’s disappearance. But when his study of the non-aggressive natives clashes with official reports, the investigator suspects there’s more to this relocation.

Laura O’Halloran hates to deviate from the rulebook. But when she uncovers a sinister government conspiracy involving the aliens and Bill Taggart’s wife, she knows she can’t stay silent. The truth not only puts the entire transfer plan at risk, but the investigator’s life too.

As two worlds slip deeper into chaos and with time running out, Laura must locate Bill fast before her government sets its horrifying plans in motion.

Genesis Code is the first novel in the captivating dystopian/post-apocalyptic sci-fi series GENESIS. If you like incredible world building, complex characters, and disturbing secrets, then you'll love Eliza Green's intricately woven, dystopian series.


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